How much does car insurance cost for a Subaru SVX?

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How much does car insurance cost for a Subaru SVX?

Where do I get the cheapest rates? There is no set price for car insurance. The price depends on many factors, such as the driving record of the applicant, the location, and much more. Get several online quotes as well as a local agent to get the cheapest rates.
Subaru SVX Car Retail Price
1997: L 2dr Coupe AWD $2,393
1997: LSi 2dr Coupe AWD $2,620
1996: L 2dr Coupe AWD $2,174
1996: LSi 2dr Coupe AWD $2,352
1995: L 2dr Coupe $1,725
1995: L 2dr Coupe AWD $1,882
1995: LS 2dr Coupe $1,701
1995: LSi 2dr Coupe AWD $2,119
1994: L 2dr Coupe $1,644
1994: LS 2dr Coupe $1,655
1994: LSi 2dr Coupe AWD $1,970
1993: 25th Anniversary 2dr Coupe AWD $1,906
1993: LS 2dr Coupe AWD $1,608
1993: LS-L 2dr Coupe AWD $1,640
1993: XR 2dr Coupe AWD $1,790
1992: LS 2dr Coupe AWD $1,571
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